Defeat Asmode

Issued On: Jan. 4, 2008

Asmode has returned to Asmode Den again. Many angels have already fallen to him. Of course, our GMs will not look on with crossed arms and indifference. They will help defeat Asmode with the Angels together. Prepare to kill monsters with the strength of a GM from now on.


Event Duration:

09:30pm~10:30pm   EST(GMT-5) Jan 10th    Zeus (2)


Event Contents:


1.  When the event starts, the GM will announce their location.

2.  Each time, the GM will join a party with four angels and help them kill the Asmode they're having trouble with.

3.  When the quest is completed, the GM will leave the party and join another party to help them.

4.  The GM will continually join new parties (must have four angels) to help out more angels.



1. Angels who want to team up with a GM must accept the quest beforehand. Also, Angels must inform the GM of the Asmode's location in advance.


2. If you have teamed up with a GM and are killed while fighting against the Asmode, you has better not choose to return to the city, but instead transform yourself into a spirit, which will qualify you to share in the victory.


Entrance to the Asmode Den

Mysterious Garden (257, 27)

Memory Cave (84 148)

Cherry Village (30, 31)

Gebuer Vale (7,248)



Angels Online Team,IGG