3X Exp Available

Issued On: Nov. 24, 2008


To celebrate the coming Thanksgiving holiday, we will be holding an event from November 20th to December 4th to give all of our Little Angels the chance to level up. So, to do this all items with 2x exp effects will be magically enhanced. Also, a training place, the Thanksgiving Flame Area, will be become available for every player to use. We hope that all of our Little Angels can level up fast and become strong enough to defeat the evil army from the Evil Lyceum.

Event Details:

1. From November 20th  until the server maintenance on December 4th, all items with the 2x exp effects such as Double Exp Cards (30 minutes), Double Skill Exp Cards (30 minutes), and Pet's Double Exp Cards (30 minutes) will deliver a 3x exp effect.

2. All items with speedup effects such as Collecting Speedup Cards (30 minutes) and Facture Speedup Cards (30 minutes) will offer players much quicker effects.

3. From November 20th until the server maintenance on December 4th, players can obtain one Thanksgiving Ticket when they buy a Lucky Bag. With this ticket, players can go to find NPC "Area Guide Angel" in the Angel Lyceum (157, 78) and enter the [Thanksgiving Flame Area] for the following 24 hours.Materials in mysterious area are all above level 61.

4. From November 20th to December 4th, pets can obtain an extra Exp to deposit in Exp Stones and an extra Exp to deposit in Carat Exp Diamonds. (Only Exp Stones which are used after the event has started will enjoy the effect.)


1. Whether you give the Flame Area Ticket to Michael (157, 78) or use it yourself it will still have the same effect.

2. Each of the four factions owns their own Flame Areas. Players can use Make Stone or Mark Portal Scroll in these Flame Areas.

3. Players are unable to go to the Flame Area unless they have first graduated from the Angel Lyceum and chosen a faction.

4. Once the ticket's valid duration has ended, players will return to the Area Hut by defeating monsters or collecting materials. If they wish to return to the Flame Area then they must use another ticket. Otherwise, Angels will go back home with the help of the Executive Clerk.

5. Exp Stones' upper limit of exp will not change, even if players have used them before the event started.

6. Should there be any changes we suggest that you please visit the official website to find out the latest information about this event.

Angels Online Team, IGG