Halloween Coming

Issued On: Oct. 22, 2008

Do you often walk through a deserted carpark or hallway and feel that there is someone behind you waiting to grab you or scare you? Well, don’t worry! Halloween is fast approaching and it’s the time of year when ghosts come out to lay their cold hands on your neck or frighten you with strange sounds and noises. These ghosts usually spend their time hidden in some dark, dismal corner waiting all year to roam free! We would like to invite all Angels in Eden to dress themselves up as ghosts. Be careful, you may find a Tricky Panocha offered by ghosts both from the Angels Item Mall and the scenes out of the main cities. All Angels are welcome to take part in the event and enjoy the festival.


Event Duration: After the server maintenance on October 23rd until the server maintenance on November 20th.


Event Targets: All Angels are welcome.


Event Content:


Tricky Panocha

Ghosts have dropped many Tricky Panochas which help players become various ghosts during the event in Eden and in the Angels Item Mall. Except from the instances or the mysterious areas, players can obtain a Tricky Panocha by killing level 21+ monsters or collecting level 21+ materials. Even the Lucky Bags in the Item Mall offer players a chance to obtain one. All Angels are welcome to take part in the event.






Fighting System


Production System


Wasabi Tricky Panocha

Shapeshift to an unexpected ghost within 30 minutes (each Tricky Panocha is relative to a kind of ghost).

Karashi Tricky Panocha

Spicy Tricky Panocha



The Angels Online Team