Sprint to Atlantis

Issued On: Sep. 27, 2008


In order to welcome the new expansion, the Lost Atlantis, and give something back to players for their continued support of the expansion, we will be holding a “Sprint to Atlantis” event to give all players a chance to obtain abundant rewards.


Event Duration: 1:00am on September 29th until 9:00pm on October 6th EDT (GMT-4)


Event Content:

1. During the event, if a player’s character can reach Level 60, they will obtain 100 Angel Shells. These Angel Shells can be used to take part in the Angel Auction on the official website.


2. Apart from 100 Angel Shells, players can obtain 20 Double Exp Cards and 20 Double Skill Exp Cards as well if one of their characters can reach Level 80.


3. Players who have a Level 60 character and a Level 80 character can only obtain the rewards for the Level 80 one.


4. Angel Shells and other rewards will be recharged to players’ accounts after one week. Be patient.


5. Players who meet the requirements before the event starts can directly obtain their corresponding rewards.


Angels Online Team,IGG