Mysterious Exploration

Issued On: May. 16, 2008


Dear Angels,


In order to celebrate the release of the new edition, Eden, we will be holding a Mysterious Exploration event so players can win abundant rewards. Production Angels can collect rare materials after entering the Mysterious Area, while Fighting Angels can obtain more experience and in-game coins after defeating the mysterious monsters. In addition, superior weapons await you!


Event Duration: From May 15th to June 3th


Event Details:

1. During the event, Angels can obtain a [Dawn Area Ticket], which is required to join the event, by buying any [Riddle City Lucky Bag] or [Dawn Lucky Bag].
2. Angels can go to find the new NPC [Assoc. Scholar] in Angel Lyceum with the [Dawn Area Ticket].

Then they can be teleported into the Mysterious Area and enjoy the event for 24 hours. The validity period of Dawn Area Ticket is 24 hours during which player could enter Mysterious Area without limit. Attention: off-line time is reckoned in the validity period.

Angels Online Team, IGG