Server: Character:
ICON ITEM TITLE Current bid(History) Time Left
Icon Clean Purple Gem (Buyout)
1053 hit(s)
19 bid(s)
Oct 31,2008,12:15
( end )
Icon Fire Tooth
1785 hit(s)
22 bid(s)
Oct 31,2008,12:25
( end )
Icon Star Whirlpool (Buyout)
545 hit(s)
2 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,00:39
( end )
Icon Evil Cat's Staff (Buyout)
496 hit(s)
3 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,00:40
( end )
Icon Holy Moon Staff (Buyout)
513 hit(s)
2 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,01:18
( end )
Icon Improved Pet Feed (Buyout)
475 hit(s)
6 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,12:00
( end )
Icon Clean Orange Gem (Buyout)
474 hit(s)
5 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,12:00
( end )
Icon Expression: Train (Buyout)
427 hit(s)
9 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,12:00
( end )
Icon Expression: Love (Buyout)
468 hit(s)
9 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,12:00
( end )
Icon Angel's Blessing
1495 hit(s)
22 bid(s)
Nov 1,2008,12:00
( end )
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How to get Angel Shell?

1. You will be presented with 1 Angel Shell for every 100 Angel Gold you spend in the in-game Item Mall. The Angel Shell you get today will be calculated and charged into your account at 12:10am EST (GMT-5) next day. Everyday, the player who spends the most Angel Gold in Item Mall will get DOUBLE Angel Shell for that day.

2. Masters and Apprentices System

3. Answer Shell Questions under each news

4. Exchange AO Forum Karma for Angel Shell

5. Events that give out Angel Shell as rewards

Auction Rules(New!)

1. When you bid, Angel Shell will be deducted automatically from your account. If another player offers a higher bid than you, the deducted Angel Shell will be returned to you immediately.

2. Players have two days to bid for an item.

3. The residual auction time depends on the latest bidding. For example, if someone bids a higher price, the residual auction time will be two days from the time the bid was placed.

How to draw auction items?

Items bidden from the auction will be recharged into players' accounts on each Wednesday and Friday  (GMT-5). Players can claim their items from (NPC:Bao Clerk) !

Tips:You can claim your items on Friday if you purchased from 12:00am on Tuesday to 11:59pm on Wednesday EST (GMT-5). Meanwhile, you can only claim your items on next Wednesday if you purchased from 12:00am on Thursday to 11:59pm on next Monday EST (GMT-5).