Training top student

Quest name: Training top student

Quest introduction: Head for the Training Palace from the East or West Playground and collect the Beast Core, the Human Core, the Plant Core, the Energy Core, the Deathless Core and the Evil Core to summon Qiuaner at the Summoning Altar and defeat him.

Quest Type: Novice Quest

Quest Giver: Michale

Repeatable: No

Condition: Accumulate credits 15 or above.

Rewards: 300 Gold, 1000 Exp, Select one: Top Student Dagger, Top Student Axe, Top Student Bow, Top Student Staff, Top Student Spear.

Notice: There are six kinds of enemies in the Training Palace, kill them to obtain the six Cores respectively. After collecting the cores, summon Qiuaner to the north of Training Palace Center. Qiuaner is very strong, you should have some friends with you to help. Please be careful.