Accumulation schedule of students' grades

Quest name: Accumulation schedule of students' grades

Quest introduction: Obtain credits by completing quests from the Battle Professor,the Mine Professor, the Magic Professor, the Weapon Lecturer, the Armor Lecturer, the Art Lecturer, the Sewing Lecturer and the Cooking Lecturer. When your credits total 5, you can choose to graduate and decide which country to join. 

Quest Type: Novice Quest

Quest Giver: Angels' Tutor

Repeatable: No

Condition: Completed [Freshman's signing for taking courses]

Rewards: Select one prize: Graduation Certificate, 3rd Class Graduation Certificate,2nd Class Graduation Certificate or 1st Class Graduation Certificate.

Notice: You can also give up and enter the human world directly. However, the more credits you get, the more advanced your graduation certificate will be. When your credits total 15 or above, you can accept the quest to train as a top student.