<<Check out these beautiful Oriental equipment, new in Eden!>>

Greetings to all of you, Little Angels! You've all read about the latest info on the Lotusian monsters in the previous Sneak Peek. It sure will be hard to defeat them without sturdy equipment! This time, the Angel Lyceum has come up with a series of powerful Oriental-style equipment to help our Little Angels on the battlefield! Be sure to check them out!

These brand new equipment possess a certain delicate Oriental beauty about them. Witness their cultural splendor! Don't you wish you could get your hands on them straightaway? Once the new patch is out, you'll get your chance!

<<Guide to Lotusia Kingdom coming soon!>>

Lotusia is an old kingdom with centuries of culture and lore. This beautiful and dignified land is an ideal destination for sightseers. It's true that the kingdom is currently besieged by monsters, but the Angel Lyceum still thinks it worthwhile to introduce the beauty of the place to all the Little Angels. In the next Sneak Peek, you'll get to know more about the most beautiful sightseeing spots!