<<Descend upon the mystical East Orient!>>

Lovely Angels of Eden! Have you been taking it easy since saving the Bassil Kingdom and uncovering the secrets of the Pharoah's Treasure? Well, as heroic angels charged with the safekeeping of the world, we must always be on the lookout for those who might need our help! And the world is about to need you soon! A cry for saviors from far across the shores, east of Eden, has reached the ears of Archangel Michael. He wants you and all the Angels to cross the seas in the month of July and save the mystical land of the Orient: The Lotusia Kingdom!
Lotusia Kingdom's landscape should be a familiar sight to many. That's right! It is an ancient and mysterious kingdom of exotic Oriental flavor! Lush green bamboo forests, extravagant and opulent palaces, and giant sculptures of unmatched artistry reveal a rich and prosperous history. Once a paradise of the East, Lotusia Kingdom has fallen into chaos and decay. Monsters now lurk in every corner; it is a dangerous frontier indeed. The once-thriving region will eventually waste away into lifeless, joyless desert if brave souls do not come forward to purge the East Orient of evil...

<<The Empress' Infernal Contract!>>
News of the havoc in Lotusia Kingdom reached Eden through a shipwreck that washed up on Dawn Harbor. And the situation in Lotusia is so dire that even the vigilant and stoic Angel Pickets have decided to cross the seas to aid the people of the beleaguered kingdom! The Angel Pickets have kindly shared the story that led to Archangel Michael's decision to call upon the Angels of Eden to journey to the east...
One sunny afternoon, a shipwreck got washed upon the docks of Dawn Harbor. The Angel Pickets found just one survivor, a man who claims to be a native of Lotusia Kingdom. He used to be a merchant, trading goods between Eden and Lotusia until the Empress decreed that Lotusia be isolated from all contact with the outside world.
The merchant had to eke out a living along the coasts of Lotusia as the formerly bustling Port Cherube became devoid of activity. Monsters also began to rampage across the kingdom so it was safer to remain on the high seas.
It wasn't long until the merchant came across people who escaped from the Phoenix Palace. These people told of a strange man in black who appeared a few weeks ago before the Empress, offering her an elixir for ever-lasting beauty and immortality in exchange for an agreement for Lotusia Kingdom to provide a home for his students as well as cut off ties with Eden.
The Empress was moved and signed an infernal contract for the elixir. As soon as she consumed it, she screamed in pain. Her unnatural shriek reverberated throughout the kingdom and brought anguish to all who heard it. It was at that time when the monsters started to appear in every corner of the kingdom.
The merchant knew that only the people of Eden have the power to save his country and braved the storms and rough seas with his ship already in a state of disrepair. His tale reached the Archangel Michael who was greatly troubled by this turn of events. He then sent out a call to arms for all the Angels of Eden to save the innocent in Lotusia from the evil monsters and uncover the truth behind the Empress' infernal contract with this man-in-black!

<<A Crusade of Hope to the East, Coming Soon!>>
An all new content patch means all new maps, all new monsters and all new equipment! Tons of fun coming your way with the latest version of Angels Online and we will have more news about this update to whet your appetite before it's released! Remember to check back here regularly for the latest installment of our East Orient Sneak Peeks! See ya, little Angels!