1. Choose map and find totem


2. If the totem is neutral, after breaking it, the rest of the players who don't belong to that faction of the league will be teleported to their own main cities.


3. If the totem belongs to a faction, then other players from different factions need to attack the totem till it is broken.


4. When the battle time is up, the current owner of the totem will be the final owner.

Battle Time
Server: All Servers  

08:00pm-09:00pm EST(GMT-5) Wednesday
12:00pm-01:00pm EST(GMT-5) Saturday

Server Branch
PVE Period: Each server has a certain amount of branches with symbols of capacity
PVP Period: Each server has a certain amount of branches while branch (1) becomes the War Zone automatically.

During the PVP period, players who log into branch (1) and are in other factions' territories will be teleported to the main city of their own faction automatically.

Death Penalty
Players killed in PVP will lose Exp as usual while pets will lose Intimacy upon death.

Individual Rewards:

* Rank Discount: When your rank reaches a certain level, you will be offered some discounts.
* After the Totem Battle starts, high level angels will be qualified to purchase badges. A shinning Honor Badge will appear above the angels forehead after it is equipped.

Rewards for Guild
1. Gift Box
If the league you join has possessed territory, you can go to the main cities, visit the NPC, Heaven General, and ask him to give you the Gift Box. After opening it, you will find various valuable items, even top equipment may be inside. You can choose the Gift Box corresponding to your profession. Any angels above level 30 possessing Terra are qualified to receive the Gift Box. The level of the Gift Box will go up as the level and rank of angels rise.

* Angels above Level 30: Can choose a Warrior Gift Box Lvl 30 or an Artificer Gift Box Lvl 30

* Angels above Level 40 and Rank 7: Can choose a Warrior Gift Box Lvl 40 or an Artificer Gift Box Lvl 40

* Angels above Level 50 and Rank 8: Can choose a Warrior Gift Box Lvl 50 or an Artificer Gift Box Lvl 50

* Angels above Level 60 and Rank 9: Can choose a Warrior Gift Box Lvl 60 or an Artificer Gift Box Lvl 60

But if the rank of the angel does not meet the requirements, he/she will be given a Gift Box Lvl30.
Each angel can only be given 1 Gift Box each day. If the league you join in keeps occupying the territory for a long time, you will get a lot of time to receive prizes. Therefore, it is quite important to defend your territory.


2. Qualified to enter the Mysterious Area
If your league is the winner during the Totem Battle, you will be qualified to enter the Mysterious Area where there are rich resources. Players who belong to the Production System can collect resources easily, because monsters here are really weak. In addition, they can find the Practice Scarecrow to practice their skills, and deposit their resources with the bank staff.
There will also be some powerful monsters, which will meet some of the veterans' needs. Furthermore, there is a high drop rate of items!
These monsters will appear at:
* Level 31~40: 6:00pm --- 7:00pm
* Level 41~50: 7:00pm --- 8:00pm
* Level 51~60: 8:00pm --- 9:00pm

* Special Ferocious Monster: This fiendish being usually appears after 9:00pm each day, and owns more power than the boss from the Nightmare Cave, but you will probably have a chance to obtain some good stuff.
Find the Manor Keeper in your territory and apply to enter the Mysterious Area.

The mysterious areas have been released are: Dragon Graveyard, Thunder Ruins, Thorn Wasteland.


3. Travel between the main cities and league territories freely
Players can ask the Heaven General in each main city to teleport you to league territories without a fee, and you can also ask the Manor Keeper in the league territory to teleport you to your main city or Mysterious Area. Additionally, players can redeem a Regression Scroll that enables you to return to the vicinity of the Totem in your territory instantly no matter where you are, but you are only allowed to carry 1 of these scrolls.


If your league doesn't own a totem, please don't lose heart, because once the totem battle starts, every league will have a chance to get the totem back and enjoy good welfare. Now it's time to take up our weapons to fight!


Faction Totem: Only players from the same faction as the totem's owners are able to revive themselves by touching the Faction Totem.