Jungle Maps

Jungle Maps Overview

River Valley

The crisscrossing rivers quietly run through the valley and the gentle breeze blows all day. Even the haze covering the mountain seems not to be shrouding it, but caressing it in a loving embrace.


Secret Den

A babbling brook nurtured the flourishing forest and abundant animals and plants that can be found there. There are countless dens in which fierce monsters or lovely squirrels can be found.


Waterfall Camp

The huge drop here creates a series of majestic waterfalls for players to marvel at. As a symbol of the lush jungle maps, it is really popular with players.


Noisy Rain Forest

The bushy forest covers the whole map and the humidity offers the plants here the chance to flourish like no where else.


Ancient Glide River

If you come here for the first time, you may end up lost because of the complicated terrain. The mountain road twists and turns, stretching endlessly, just like a colorful rainbow.


Half-beast Hamlet

Orangutans occupy the whole map. They are proud and fierce and have no fear of Angels. Please be careful when you pass through this map.


Clouding Forest

Although it is a typical tropical forest, it is totally different from the Noisy Rain Forest map. The forest is older and the ancient trees and dense vegetation scare everyone who ventures in.


Giant Wooden Stairs

The giant stumps form a series of distinct stairs. Count the growth rings on them to find out how old the trees were!.