Desert Maps

Desert Maps Overview

Crescent Valley

The desert valley stretches on from the eastern Cactus Plain and you can find giant stones here and there. The desert style continues near the Iron Castle.


Landform Feature: It is a stone forest which is connected with the Cactus Plain.


Desert Racetrack

It is located to the east of Crescent Valley. The Iron Castle built a base here to verify robots. It is the last supply point if you would like to venture eastward.


Landform Feature: It is an expansive area surrounded by giant stones and offering players supplies.


Ghost Village

Players will arrive in a narrow valley after they leave the Desert Racetrack and head eastward. Many desert robbers have gathered here to rob travelers who pass by the hidden robbers’ dens. Recently, those robbers have been gaining in strength and power. Who’s supporting them…?


Landform Feature: A natural maze formed by natural stone walls.


Troop Outpost

It is said that it is the base of the centaurs, which are the claws of the [Leviathan]. It is the first line of defense for the Fantastic Sand City.


Landform Feature: Centaur camps and people from the Fantastic Sand City have formed an outpost here.


Ancient Front

You can find relics left by the fierce wars between the Angels and Demons. People think that the huge holes on the floor were caused by holy lightning.


Landform Feature: It is a rough ancient battlefield pocked with huge holes.


Fantastic Sand City

It is a mysterious sand city. Nobody knows who built it. However, the beautiful colors on the walls still describe the glory and wealth from the past. At present, the centaurs occupy the city, ready to attack all strangers.


Landform Feature: A flourishing city with a lot of ancient buildings.


Nightmare Palace

Seems like a pearl in the desert. The giant palace surrounded by the mysterious Fantastic Sand City used to be where the Leviathan lived.


Landform Feature: A mystic palace built on a lake.


Instance: Leviathan’s Bedroom

Players can arrive in the Leviathan’s Bedroom after they pass through the mysterious passage in Nightmare Palace. It seems that a girl is always crying in the dark somewhere...


Landform Feature: Mysterious...