Marriage System of Angels Online

Greetings, to all of our Little Angels. We are very pleased to be bringing you good news—the expansion of Angels Online! 【Angels Online—Eden】 will soon be released. Also, the long-anticipated marriage system will be released too, which means that you will soon be able to marry your beloved in the game.

Are you eager to know more about the marriage system? OK, so here's the lowdown. After the release of the system, you can wear a beautiful wedding dress or a cool tux and get married in a church. You can also invite your friends to the party and the Angels who attend the wedding can bless you by lighting firecrackers, sprinkling petals, etc. As an added bonus all of the angels in the wedding will gain 【Michael's Blessing】.
After they are married, the couple can teleport to wherever the other one is each other to make use of an exclusive chat channel. As well as when one of the pair comes online, the other one will be instantly informed. In addition, there will be many exclusive items available just for our young lovers.
Angels, are you impatient and can't wait for the release of the new content of Angels Online? Not a problem we can look forward to the release of the expansion 【Angels Online—Eden】 together.