AO Stages

Sad Abyss

The sad and thorny calls echo around the dark gorge anytime and anywhere. Some people said it was formed by the haunting wind, but also some people said if you go deep enough into the gorge, the voice becomes louder and more grievous, so people rarely venture into the depths of the Sad Abyss.

Fiery Path

Hot...very hot, that is the first feeling when you arrive here. Endless sweat and sweltering air will cause you to start shedding gear as soon as possible. Around the crimson lava paths, beside the huge rocks and sharp lumps, all you can see is a boiling, underground lava lake.

Lava Cave

Deeper into the caverns reveals older, more unstable lave flows boiling just below the scorched, brittle rock that's the only safe path. However inhospitable, there are ruins down here, indicating that at some point someone or something lived down here, but ....what?

Flaming Door

It can be called one of the ten most peculiar places in the Garden of Eden. It is unbelievable to find such a huge palace in the underground world. Who could have lived here? Where are they now? Maybe only the hopping monster knows.

Underground Square

Go ahead through the huge door, and a big open plaza with awful sculptures opens before you. Its huge size would scare you into walking with small, careful footsteps. Everyone who has been here has had the same feeling, that the owner is not an ordinary person.

Hell Palace

Although the hall of Hell Palace is so rotted out it is literally falling apart in some places, you can still feel the aura of pain and death persisting. Under the main path there is a locked door. The Angel Pickets tried every means to open it but failed. The magical power inside is so powerful that it even comes out of the door sometimes, so we know the secrets hidden in this relic are still undisturbed.