Angels Online --Magic Kitchen Path/Gulp Room

Introduction to Magic Kitchen Path

This used to be a holy palace for the angel Lucifer. But when he became evil and launched a war against the righteous angels he buried it and the palace became the headquarters of many monsters. Should you dare to brave this immense pit of evil, you must be strong enough to take on all the monsters lurking there.
However, brave angels don't lose heart. If you want to fight the most powerful enemy in this expansion, I can tell you a shortcut.
There is an entrance outside of the castle which is influenced by dark magic. There, you can only see your teammates. You should be able to defeat the monsters with your teammates.

1. Converging Room

It is an ancient and isolated storeroom. You cannot imagine what was here originally, because it is now full of monsters. The scent of food always lures everything to it.

2. Unstable Room

The door used to be warm. It's now very mystic because its been closed for a long period and cannot be opened with a key. Players should pay attention to the monsters hidden there.

Mystic Path: Depletory Corridor

You may find the dark and awful path in the corner. Along the scared path, you will find that your HP decreases continually. It's probably caused by the hot temperatures here. But no one knows the exact reason...

Mystic Room: Hunting Room

The strange smell fills the room in front of you, and lots of mice litter the filthy floor. You should not underestimate them. It is not as easy as it seems.

3. Dark Abysm

Going on with your exploration, you find it's darker and darker. The lifeless atmosphere makes you uncomfortable. And the floor is not rock but some unknown gunk instead. The way ahead is definitely not easy. Be careful...

4. Hellish Warmth

After this series of tortures, you reach a place full of hot steam. You can smell the flavor of food. But if you want to reach the evil kitchen you should defeat the monsters here first...

5. Magic Kitchen

You cannot go into the kitchen since it is the headquarters of evil. You should defeat their leader first—Berssif.
Berssif stands in the strange food and smiles to you: "Welcome, little lovely angels. Would you like something to eat?"