Angels Online --Magic Kitchen Path/Gulp Room

Michael received a report from an explorer that told of Berssif and how he had appeared around the Magic Kitchen Path. The Little Angels needed to destroy the Devil to preserve the peace in Eden. The envoy of the Angel Lyceum, who had been sent into the depths of the [Hell Palace] returned to the Angel Lyceum to relate his harrowing adventures.

Explore Gulp Room

Demon's Whisper

After reaching the Hell Palace, the envoy found a secret path, from which beautiful music and dulcet laughter could be heard. The magical sounds were enticing him to explore the area further. But who knew what might be waiting for him there?

Soul-stealing Corridor

The cloister gradually began to widened out, with savage devil statues on either side of the track which only added to his rising fear. His steps echoed along the clear path. What a brave man dared to go inside?

Demon Shadow

Just ahead he could see the outline of another person, but they were hard to see as they lurked in the shadows. He was over come with a sense of menace and wanted to run away but found his feet rooted to the spot. He had no choice but to face his fear.

Simple Habitat

After he had managed to escaped from the devil, the envoy found the bedroom of the God's servant. Such a long time had past that it was barely recognizable and it had become over run by Monsters.

Chaotic Maze

The envoy stepped into the maze courageously. With so many misleading exits and entrances, which were intended to confuse and block people from going any further, it would be easy to get lost and die down there! A strong will and an even stronger stomach were needed if he wished to escape.

Forbidden Beast Area

When he finally made it out of the maze he was relieved but his trails were far from over... A monstrous raging howl came from nearby. The terrifying sound had come from some gigantic but rare fiends. They seemed to be unable to move far. However, this did not seem to hinder them as their sharp laser-like eyes more than made up for their handicap.

Mystic Mill

The air was filled with a powerful stench that burned at the eyes and choked the throat. It was coming from the Evil Priest was reciting an evil spell, who had the intention of causing havoc to all of those with weak wills around him.

Monster Cartilage

When the envoy made it to the underground inner shrine, he found that many monsters had taken refuge there and were searching out potential prey. Although he his energy was flagging, he had to defeat them.

Sealed Room of Sinker

What could be making the disturbance from behind the closed inner shrine? But it would appear that the envoy was in luck for a kindly soul, who had perished years before down there, appeared offering to be his guide. The ghost had lost his life after becoming disorientated in the bowels of the place and had slowly starved to death. He had now taken it upon himself to come to the aid of anyone that looked likely to fall into the same trap he did.

Demon's Eye

It is too dangerous to head straight to the Evil Castle. No one can make it there without great strength and determination. The Evil Healers viciously guard the Evil Lyceum. Such an attack by so highly advanced monsters was never encountered in the Angel Lyceum before.

Mystic Land

The envoy finally arrived in the [Hell Palace] only due to his tremendous perseverance and effort, but it was nothing compared to reaching the location of Berssif. Small but deadly Monsters rushed towards him smothering and clawing him backwards. Had he been unprepared then he would surely have had a slow and painful death at their hands.

Flaming Area

Success was within his reach but the Monsters continued to assail him. This task was by far the hardest he had encountered so far. These fiends would stop at nothing to halt his way. And whats more they appeared to enjoy the act of torturing...

Mystic Formation

Eventually he met Berssif face to face, after completing several trials. Berssif took off his disguise and got ready to fight. The envoy knew that a strong Devil like him would not fight fair and he was right. Berssif began to attack mercilessly and fiercely.

Bloody Dark Seal

But no-one dares to go any further when faced with the cruel Berssif and raging roars from inside the sanctum. What Monsters could possibly be in the castle that were worse than the ones outside?
Although Angels are blessed and reach such levels by overcoming many difficulties they are by no means invincible. So the gauntlet was thrown down is there an Angel brave and noble enough to face such a fearful opponent? Would one come forwards who Could be the champion at last? Is there a hero from the Angel Lyceum ready to fight Berssif for the peace of Eden?