2017 Xmas Flame(Reprint)

Issued On: Dec. 26, 2019
  1. Event Title
    2017 Xmas Flame(Reprint)
  2. Event Duration
    December 26 2019 (Thursday, after maintenance)~January 16 2020 (Thursday, before maintenance)
  3. Event Intro
    Jingle bells~ Jingle bells~ The Xmas season is upon us! Last year, Santa Claus came to visit us, remember? Well, he’s busy distributing gifts to children this year, but he’s sending the Xmas Elf to check on us, and make sure we get some Xmas cheer.

Want to get your hands on some angelic Xmas presents? Simple! Collect Xmas Flames and Xmas Pine, and give them to the Xmas Elf in exchange for Xmas Stars. And once you have enough Xmas Stars, you can exchange them for presents. But some of the more valuable presents will require a bit more effort from you: you’ll have to take part in the Xmas Flame runs as well to collect “White Xmas Flames”.

It’s the annual holiday season. Let’s celebrate!

Merry Christmas, Angels!

  1. Details
  1. During the event, the “Xmas Elf” NPC will be available in the Angel Lyceum to provide event info and participation.
  2. During the event, the “Spirit Elf” will be available in all four main cities and Palm Base to provide event participation.
  3. During the event, Angels can defeat monsters in normal maps for a chance to get “Xmas Flames”.
  4. During the event, Angels can collect resources in normal maps for a chance to get “Xmas Pine”.
  5. During the event, Angels can talk to the Xmas Elf to get 1 “Glowy-Xmas Flame (60 min)” per day, to take part in the Xmas Flame run.
    *Note: you can only get one a day; once the flame dies out (after 60 minutes), you won’t be able to get a replacement.
  6. The Xmas Flame Run route is as follows: Angel Lyceum à Aurora City à Dark City à Iron Castle à Breeze Woods à Palm Base.
  7. Do the Xmas Flame run to get “White Xmas Flames”, and “Flame Marks”, which you can exchange for limited edition Xmas items and achievements.
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