Game Content Adjustments

Issued On: Aug. 16, 2018
  1. Event Title

Game Content Adjustments

  1. Event Duration

Reward Exchange for Summer Celebrations - Melonfest

August 16 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance) - August 23 2018 (Thursday, before maintenance)

*Mystery Seeds can no longer be obtained.


Summer Dash-Pet Dash Week

August 16 2018 (Thursday, after maintenance) - August 30 2018, 01:30 (GMT-5)

*The 8th Online Reward [Pet Dashball] will no longer be rewarded after the maintenance on September 06 2018.

  1. Participants

All players on all servers

  1. Event Intro

The 21-day Melonfest has come to an end!

Everyone has worked hard to gather Mystery Seeds, and here are the results!


Pandora acquired over 3,000 Pinkmelons, which accounts for 62% of all Pinkmelons earned across all servers. A great victory for Pandora!

Pegasus acquired over 6,300 Bluemelons, which accounts for 41% of all Bluemelons earned across all servers. A close win for Pegasus!

Over 15,000 Bluemelons were collected in Melonfest, which accounts for 76% of all watermelons. An overwhelming victory!


Congratulations to [Team Blue] for winning Melonfest!