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Payment Remittance Time Delay

Different payment methods of PayByCash may have different Payment Remittance Time Delays. Please contact PayByCash Customer Service first if you don't receive your points within the appointed time. If your payment has been transferred but you have not yet received your points, please contact our GMs through Live Support.

Payment ID Payment Method or Brand Name Payment Remittance Time Delay
AD Auto-debit (recurring direct debit) 5-15 minutes
BB Boleto Bancario 8-12 hours
BT Bank Transfer (customer initiated electronic funds transfer) 2-5 days
CA Pay By Cash (through the mail) 2-10 days (speed of mail)
CP CertaPay (Interac) 1-3 hours
EN eNets (Singaporean EFT payment system) 8-12 hours
FR Ficha Rap 8-12 hours
FX Check by FAX 1-3 hours
HW hyperWALLET 1-3 hours
ID InstaDebit 3-5 minutes
MG TravelersExpress MoneyGram 3-5 hours
MO Money Order / Cashiers Check by mail 2-10 days (speed of mail)
PA PayPoint 8-12 hours
PC Personal Check 2-10 days (speed of mail)
PM Paymate (Australian online banking EFT) 2-4 days
PT Print-n-Pay (ACTeCASH) 3-6 hours
VC Virtual Check (eCheck – direct debit) 5-15 minutes
WS Western Union SwiftPay 1-3 hours
WU WesternUnion QuickPay 3-5 hours
Others  near real time (Japan) Payment Methods
Payment ID Payment Method or Brand Name Payment Remittance Time Delay
BC BitCash 1-4 days
BT Bank Transfer (within Japan) 1-4 days
CA Cash 2-5 days (speed of mail)
EB eBank Payment 1 day
PM Postal Money Order 2-5 days (speed of mail)
PT Postal Transfer 1 day