Now that our Little Angels have become mature and competent fighters, some of them have decided to form Guilds to better learn from each other and progress faster. The teachers at the Angel Lyceum are especially pleased to see this and wish to promote such teamwork. So in order to maintain this harmonious environment Michael, the leader, has decided to hold a Totem Battle. This will give all of our Little Angels the chance to strengthen the bonds within their teams. And the grand prize for the winning Guild is the honor of becoming the proud owners of some prime territory.

However, we are aware that the building suspense for this event may well make the atmosphere in the Lyceum a tad tense. So to dispel it slightly we will first start with the Skirmish. The top three Guilds, who have seized the Angel League Certificate the most times during the Skirmish, will be given their own territory complete with Totem one day before the grand Battle. There they will lie in wait for challengers to come and the fight to commence.

It was said that in the past Angels fought for peace; but now they will have the chance to fight for Glory!

Skirmish Duration:
PVP Period: Everyday
Boss Challenging Period: 20:00~22:00 EST (GMT-5) everyday

Skirmish Rules
1. There are only two scenes (lvl 21-40 and lvl 41-60), and Guilds should join the battle according to their factions and level.

2. Players can attack any players from opposing factions.

3. During 20:00~22:00 EST (GMT-5), everyday, players can obtain the Riddle Pieces; which can be used to exchange for the Angel League Certificates.

4. If you do not enter the Battle between the allotted times then you will only be eligible for PVP fights with no special Bosses. Collection players can collect the Riddle Pieces all the time, but you'd better collect them as soon as possible.

5. 200 Riddle Pieces can be exchanged for 1 Angel League Certificate.

6. After the battle, Michael will select the 3 guilds who obtained the most Angel League Certificates from each faction (12 guilds in total) to be the winners. They will become the proud owners of the Totems and territory from the first round Totem Battle.

1. Lvl 20+ players in each main city need to talk with Sentinel Angel so as to enter PVP maps.

2. Players can play PVP in this map. Fighting players can obtain Riddle Pieces through attacking monsters or boss, and production players can obtain riddle pieces by collecting.

3. Collect Riddle Pieces and exchange Riddle Pieces for Angel League Certificates.