Space Cowboy: Let’s get on the path and explore the mysterious technology from Outer Space!

Good day dear Angels! Having saved the mythical and chilly Kingdom of Frost Mirror and returning peace to the people, are you all frozen stiff and in need to move your muscles? That won’t do! We are after all Angels with the great responsibility of protecting world peace!
Recently, the Angel Lyceum has received a plea for help from the Gebuer Vale. Archangel Michael is worried that the Evil Lyceum will get restless and start to eye the human world, so he has ordered for all Angels to gear up and prepare to go help with the rescue!
We will soon start the long abandoned Train and unseal the Mine Tunnel. Let’s proceed to the Sunset Valley that’s full of unknown technology and rich in mineral resources, and from there uncover the enmity between the Cowboys and the Aliens!



Steam Town

Yeeha Bar

Agysical Tunnel

Sunser Valley

Desolate Ruins

Forbidden Sector


Sakura Festival: Pack up and set off to defend the legendary kingdom of Sakura flowers!

Dear courageous Angels, now that you have wrecked the Aliens’ sophisticated equipment and Warships and rescued Eden from destruction, have you kept vigilant to face the challenges ahead? Remember, as long as the Evil Lyceum still exists, all Angels must continually improve themselves to protect the world from evil!
One fine morning, the respected angel Raziel of the Angel Lyceum brought shocking news. We found out from him that the Evil Lyceum are extending their evil claws towards the Jade Tassel City hidden within the depths of Jade Vale. They are planning to search for the legendary Thunderspear that represents kingship and power. Upon hearing of this, Archangel Michael has immediately ordered for all heroic Angels to gather to seek for the Thunderspear and prevent it from landing in the hands of the Evil Lyceum.
Archangel Michael has instructed for the main path to Jade Tassel City to be renovated. He will soon lead the Angels to the kingdom of Sakura flowers that has a grand shrine and is filled with magnificent Sakura flowers. We must fight not just to protect the sacred weapon and uncover the truth, but most importantly for peace and to save the people of Jade Tassel City!

Samara Woods

Edo City

Joy Festival

Sakura Valley

Hot Spring Resort

Fox Shrine

Ninja Land