The Quests

There's a lot to look forward to in the new Primordeal Paradise expansion. One of the biggest upgrades is the introduction of a whole new system for powering up characters.

It took the explorers weeks to earn the trust of the village elders, but once they did, they revealed something that the adventurers were quick to write back to Eden about. The natives had been using a unique Achievement and Titles system for generations, and by advancing through it, had achieved great power.

Now this system has been refined for use by the Angels of the Lyceum and the results should be spectacular! Let's take a look at some of the exciting challenges players will face as they fight hard to achieve greatness in the new expansion...

Main Quest 01: Jungle Pioneer

Requirements Levels 90 or higher
Location / NPC Main City / Angel Primeval
Directions Scouts have returned with disturbing news on Evil Lyceum's evil plans! It seems that Satan has discovered a hidden tribe of warriors and has warped them to do his evil bidding! You must head to this area immediately and investigate this immediately.

Main Quest 02: Use Local Resources

Requirements Pre-requisite: Jungle Pioneer
Location / NPC Lost Cove / Lochman
Directions You found an injured native named Lochman at the entrance of the forest. Lochman appears weak from hunger. The pressing task is to find some food and medicine to treat those wounds.

Main Quest 03: Beast Researcher

Requirements Pre-requisite: Use Local Resources
Location / NPC Boulder Forest / Researcher Kraydon
Directions You meet Researcher Kraydon in your journey through the Boulder Forest. From Researcher Kraydon, you learn that these mysterious lands are infested with large and ferocious beasts. If you could lend a hand in Kraydon's research, it might shed some light on these creatures.

Main Quest 04: Attack the Mind 

Requirements Pre-requisite: Beast Researcher
Location / NPC Hoca Village / Researcher Corben
Directions To gather more information, Researcher Corben suggested gathering some information from Hoca Village. Hoca Village is currently hit by a serious famine. Perhaps gathering some food for these natives is a good way to gain their trust and perhaps some information.

Main Quest 05: Original Bus Stop?

Requirements Pre-requisite: Attack the Mind
Location / NPC Hoca Village / Hungry Lukas
Directions Rex Point is an essential trading intersection for Hoca Village. That trading point has fallen into the hands of other native tribes! Driving these invaders away might save the village...

Main Quest 06: Take the Initiative!

Requirements Pre-requisite: Original Bus Stop?
Location / NPC Hoca Village / Douglas the Hermit
Directions Raven Riverpoint is a strategic location that the armies use as a temporary training centre. I heard that they have just drafted a new platoon and is training them vigorously. If you could destroy it, it would cripple them significantly! Capture Raven Riverpoint before they complete their new recruits!

Main Quest 07: Huge Beast! Attack!

Requirements Pre-requisite: Take the Initiative!
Location / NPC Hoca Village / Dowa the Marquis
Directions The first batch of enemy scouts has arrived at Hunter's Ridge, a location not far from here. They must have come from the Dino Arena to plunder Hoca Village! Let's give them a good welcome and teach them a lesson they will never forget!

Main Quest 08: Follow up a Victory

Requirements Pre-requisite: Huge Beast! Attack!
Location / NPC Hoca Village / Tribe Leader Vanity
Directions That was a brilliant victory! Hoca Village Tribe Leader Vanity suggests taking advantage of the high morale to attack and defeat them! If you strike them hard, you can impede the invasion force or destroy them before they get themselves organized! Obey your destiny and head to Shilly Desert now!

Warriors deemed worthy are given a series of quests or objectives to complete. Once these conditions are met, the warriors who completed them will be rewarded with  a record of their achievement. These achievements are recognized as significant contributions to the security of the community.

Each achievement comes with its own unique series of requirements and required achievement points. It may be for a specific quest or a series of lengthy quests. An accumulative score will be given to warriors who complete these quests.

Once a sufficient amount of Achievements Points have been accumulated, titles will be rewarded.
Special Achievements: Completing Special Achievements will reward special titles.

Each title comes with its reputation points, whether or not the warrior who earned the title decides to use it. With a sufficient number of reputation points, warrior's will receive a permanent buff, which can help a lot in the long run.

While studies continue on the effects of the new Achievement and Title system, the explorers are now turning their focus to the ancient skills wielded by the warrior natives. Check out the next installment in our series to find out what kind of power they possess...