With the coming release of the new version of Angel's Online, Escape from Candy Land, there are several new systems that will revolutionize the game. The most prominent of these is the new Fusion System. This new system will allow players to create brand new items by fusing two or more different items together.

Before attempting fusion, players must enter a Main item, an Assistant item, and a Random item and then add a fusion potion. Simple as that, but the devil is in the details...

Fusion Interface
1. Main Item: This can be a weapon, armor, mount, robot, pet egg or an item that can be consumed. The main item determines what kind of product you will get when you're done.
2. Assistant Item: The main item also decides what kind of assistant items players can add to the fusion interface, while also having an effect on the end result.
3. Random Item: This is not required, but it affects the results as well, for better or worse.
4. Fusion Potion: This item is required for fusion and has a direct effect on the success rate, the fusion result and whether or not the player attempting fusion will be able to keep the Main item if the process fails. 

The main item decides what kind of assistant item should be used.

1. When the main item is a piece of equipment (weapon, armor, robot or mount), the assistant item must be of a corresponding piece of equipment as well.
2. If the main item is a Level 80+ advanced pet, the assistant item must be a Level 60+ pet.
3. When the main item is an item that can be consumed, the assistant item must be an item that can be consumed as well.

The new Fusion system offers players the chance to enhance their pets and even make pets evolve into bigger, more powerful pets with a new shape. Players can take their class strengths and weaknesses into account and try to create a Frankenpet that has that ideal balance of skills and abilities they need in combat. What's more, pets that have been fused several times can be used as equipment to help enhance their masters' power!

Before you start dreaming of creating obscene freaks of nature and screaming "It's Aliiiiiiiiive!!! Be warned, a good Fusion Potion can be the difference between success and failure - and even whether or not you get to keep that special piece of equipment you offered up as the main item when the fusion process fails. So don't skimp on it, put in the time to find a high level potion and you'll have lots more fun playing God in Angel's Online!

Advanced Pets after being fused


If the info above doesn't match the info in game, the info in game will prevail.